About Us

Invention is an innovative social concept that generates employable resources in the field of music. In fact, it is a pioneering and one of a kind marching band instructor-training academy in India. Invention came into existence with the objective of propagating marching band music across India and beyond.

The Invention team comprises of seasoned marching band trainers and ex-servicemen, who have been drawn in from prestigious institutions such as the Indian Army, NCC, and various paramilitary forces. These experienced professionals have got together at Invention with the firm resolve to mentor and nurture, raw young talent and transform them into skilled marching band instructors.

At Invention we realize there is an ever-growing demand for trained marching bands and band music trainers across our country as well as in other countries. We also comprehend that there is a general scarcity of jobs in the current job market. Moreover, the youth in our country is looking for pursuing eclectic job employment opportunities.

To meet the demand for competent band trainers and for providing jobs, Invention has placed itself as a unique portal of hope and development for unemployed youth both in rural and urban areas of India.

Candidates who successfully complete various courses offered by Invention are guaranteed job placement not just in India but also in other countries.

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