Our Courses

Invention offers two marching band instructor-training programs (a 6-month program and a 12-month program) to eligible candidates. Our technical training staff conducts these programs.

Course-1 (6 Months Program)

This program is administered in the following two phases:

  • Phase One: 3-month training at an Invention facility
  • Phase Two: 3-month hands-on experience at the client site

The 3-month in-house training imparted to candidates at the Invention academy includes the following topics:

  • Band Instrument Skills
    • Bagpipes training
      • Using a practice chanter
      • Blowing into a bagpipe
      • Preparing a bagpipe
      • Tuning the bagpipe chanter
      • Balancing the bagpipe volume
      • Installing bagpipe reeds
      • Mastering bagpipe scales
      • Maintaining unused bagpipes
    • Marching drums (side, tenor, and bass) training
      • Handling different drums
      • Drumming exercises
      • Drumming routines
    • Cymbals training
      • Handling cymbals
      • Playing cymbals
      • Marching Skills
    • Drum major training
      • Handling the mace (leader stick)
      • Mastering mace commands
      • Giving salute
      • Leading the band
    • Marching techniques training
      • Marching to different songs
      • Mastering different steps
      • Marching with all instruments
      • Staying in step
      • Marching for parades
      • Controlling the marching band
      • Understanding marching commands
  • Additional Skills
    • Forming a new marching band
    • Motivating children to form a band
    • Providing guidance to band members

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